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Finances - Next 12 Months. Career - Next 12 Months. Your Kid's Horoscope.

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Yogas in Janmkundali. Fortune - Next 12 Months. Lal Kitab Yearly Horoscope. Yearly Analysis Varshaphala. Ask A Question Prashna. Health - Next 12 Months. Saturn Sadesati For Life. Numerology Life Analysis. The Daily Horoscope is an application that provides in-depth information on Daily Horoscopes along with the feature to set daily reminders if you do not want to miss a single astrological update. Interpretation of Sun signs , Chinese year signs and druid horoscope are some of the other features of this widely popular application.

This application also allows one to check the daily horoscopes for at least a week. It is indeed a simple way to stay updated on Astrological Influences. Soon, one will be able to check weekly and monthly horoscopes on this application. Get information on Birth Charts, Daily Horoscopes, minute by minute transit updates, planetary movements , personalized readings and much more in one application.

Top 10 Best and Free Astrology Apps for Android phone users:

It allows you to create an unlimited number of birth charts without any extra cost. TimePassages comes with a compatibility meter which gives you a detailed compatibility between two Zodiacs. Friends or lovers, you can easily check your compatibility score along with an elaborate explanation on the same through this application. TimePassages is one of the most sought-after astrology applications courtesy its exceptionally accurate insights. Astrostyle is an Astrology app designed and devised by AstroTwins.

This application also comes with a detailed information on love compatibility and Zodiac signs interpretations.

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Love Horoscope is another interesting feature of this application as it allows you to find how your romantic life is going to be on that particular day along with insights on other love-related aspects. Horoscope couple with Tarot reading helps people get information about their astrological influences from both perspectives. Daily horoscopes and readings are uploaded timely making this application widely popular among users.

It also allows you to ask a question to a tarot reader or astrologer. Also See: Makar Sankranti Date. True Horoscope is an astrology application for Android dedicated entirely on Horoscopes. Also, it gives access to previous horoscopes. If horoscope is what you are concerned about then this application is the most suitable for you.

You can have access to some interesting and fun future-peeking features such as Lottery Numbers and Fortune Cookies. Daily predictions made by eminent astrologers is what makes this Astrology application so popular. You can get a detailed information on your horoscope and astrological periods for days two days prior and two days after. Another feature of My Horoscope application is the flexibility to download the content that one finds relevant and share the information easily on various social media channels including Facebook , Twitter , etc.

Moreover, if one is not aware of their Sun or Moon sign , they can easily find it through this application.

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The Free Astrology Software Download might lack what a highly professional Astrology software could do with, but it still does the work that it advertses, of churning out excellent and accurate information. The Free Astrology Software provided by Future Point works on the principles of Vedic Astrology while paving the way for a brighter future for the masses.

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  7. From letters, we have shifted to mobile phones and made our world a smaller place by connecting all the dots worldwide. With just a single touch of your finger, you can look up hundreds of charts and calculations for whomever you want.

    Kundli Software Free Download

    Now you do not have to find yourself a notable astrologer to look up your horoscope, all you need is our software that would calculate it for free! From Kundli Making software to Free Horoscope Matching Software, you can find it all on our website and put them to good use. The software boasts a myriad of reports like Sade Sati Life Report, Lal Kitab, KP system, gemstone , rudraksha, Vastu , career, love, marriage, and baby horoscope, just to name a few.

    Our Free Kundali Software comes from its predecessor LeoStar which has earned its name well in the astrology market.

    Kundli Software Free Download | Kundali Software| LifeSign MiniĀ®

    Being used since ancient times in India, the Kundli is a mirror of our life. Of how our nature would be, to how our temperament would change over the period of time. It depicts our life true to its core and has been around since the age of gurus. It follows a straight path of set rules to come up with the accurate predictions along with the planetary positions of planets present in the natal chart to get to know what mahadasha or antardasha would affect the child and when. The Kundli also serves its purpose at the time of marriage, when Matchmaking is done by the families to decipher the true meaning of the union and the future of the marriage.

    Guna Milan and Ashtakoot Milan also hold great importance in Indian marriages. All you need to do to get your hands on this knowledge is enter your details and create your Kundli. You can also avail our personalised special reports that come armed with a personalised handwritten response from our panel of expert astrologers with more than 40 years of experience. You can check out our Report Section here. The Free astrology software lets you hop into the delightful world of Vedic Astrology and be amazed at how much of our world depends on the planets and constellations.

    You can also figure out the importance of Gems and Rudraksha in your life with the Free Kundli Software. Everything that you have ever wanted through astrology can fit in your pocket with the Free Astrology Software Online that works on the internet. A functional internet connect is potent enough to connect you with the stars and planets present in your natal chart.

    Features of LifeSign Mini Kundli Software

    Climb up the social ladder by knowing what the future has in store for you. You can also use it to calculate Rashifal or check our exclusive section of New Year Services launched to cater to your every need. Free Astrology Software Online. Click here to get your Free Demo Software.