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The stars favor you, and you'll be surrounded by friendly people that share your intentions since they trust your great ideas. If something doesn't work out this time, don't give up yet. In general this week, your health will be good, but don't give up on that detox routine.

Your year is off to a stressful start, and you might have fallen into bad eating habits as a result and because you don't have much time and are constantly at different gatherings this time of year. Your body is begging you to take care of it.

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You really don't have to do a lot to stay healthy , Pisces. Your intestinal health is more important than you realize. There's even a well known medical theory that suggests that the intestine is our second brain. If you feel burdened, heavy, and out of balance, maybe you should consider a diet to relieve your digestive tract. Try eating plenty of fruits and tea. Add some movement to your routine, a bit of yoga or brisk walks could help you to eliminate toxins from your system. All about Capricorn. All about Sagittarius. All about Aries. All about Pisces. All about Scorpio.

All about Aquarius. All about Gemini. All about Taurus.

ogalisfobi.tk You begin your weekend with breakthroughs about whatever is holding you back, and take action to rebel against whatever has power over you, as communication planet Mercury meets power planet Pluto and the sun squares off with rebellious Uranus. Later this weekend, you feel the pressure to finish up a personal project as the sun reaches the final degrees of Capricorn, creating a sense of urgency.

Pay attention to what your dreams are telling you on or around Monday, as communication planet Mercury—which is in your house of the subconscious—will gently harmonize with dreamy Neptune, connecting you to psychic insights. This Friday finds you in excellent, altruistic company, with love and money planet Venus harmonizing with action planet Mars—but people outside of your perception are likely talking shit about you, as communication planet Mercury meets power planet Pluto in your house of hidden enemies.

You are properly compensated for your work on or around Friday, as love and money planet Venus—currently in your house of career—harmonizes with warrior Mars in your house of finance. Also on Friday, Mercury will meet powerful Pluto, putting you in touch with powerful, wealthy people as your bank account sees some unexpected changes as the sun squares off with Uranus, the planet of surprise.

Strange conversations about your responsibilities at work occur on Monday morning as messenger Mercury gently harmonizes with shapeshifting Neptune, causing you to put on a different hat and try a new position at work. Creativity flows on Friday morning as love and money Venus harmonizes with your planetary ruler, warrior Mars, helping you make far-reaching and heavy-hitting aesthetic choices—which will come in handy as more conversations about career changes occur on Friday when Mercury meets Pluto, the planet of transformation, and the sun squares off with unconventional Uranus, inspiring you to invent a new job title for yourself.

Engagement with your social networks arrives on Monday morning as messenger planet Mercury gently harmonizes with dreamy Neptune, giving you a boost in creativity and the ability to contact with people in far away places.

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Developments in your deep commitments occur midday Friday when your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with warrior planet Mars. Changes in your course of study or travel plans happen as Mercury meets transformation planet Pluto.

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You prepare for next week by putting your best foot forward when the sun enters forward-thinking Aquarius early Sunday morning. Late Sunday evening, there is conflict due to some misunderstandings in your interpersonal commitments, as Venus squares off with Neptune, the planet of illusions.

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Friday is a perfect day to go out on a lunch date and get networking done as Venus, the planet of beauty, harmonizes with action planet Mars. Powerful transformations arrive Friday afternoon as Mercury meets Pluto, the planet of transformation, which also has implications for your ability to tap into a deep well of financial support. After the changes brought on by Capricorn season, you can finally catch a break and start focusing on your future as the sun enters forward-thinking Aquarius on Sunday morning.

Dreamy, romantic conversations about growing old and seeing the world together are supported on Monday morning by the gentle connection between messenger planet Mercury and Neptune, the planet of fantasy. Your long-term career goals and your short-term day job are synchronized on Friday when love and money planet Venus harmonizes with action planet Mars, leading to developments in your job description. This leads to some unconventional changes in your mutual understanding, as the sun squares off with rebellious Uranus. There is a push to wrap up your current relationship chapter late Saturday night as the sun covers the final stretch of your partnerships sector.

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Try to keep a flexible schedule as this week comes to a close, since messenger planet Mercury will meet Pluto, the planet of transformation, on Friday, which could mean a change of plans. Friday evening, you break out of your conventional routine and take the final steps towards claiming your individuality, as the sun squares off with rebellious Uranus. All of your appointments and busywork get one final push when the sun reaches the final moments of Capricorn season before moving into Aquarius on Sunday, lighting up your partnerships sector and beginning a period of being more focused on your commitments to other people.

Sending playful texts to your circle on Monday morning can lead to interesting, creative—and potentially romantic! Also on Friday, Mercury will meet with Pluto, the planet of transformation, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your minimum requirements for experiencing joy. This inspires you to take a leap of faith, as the sun squares off with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected—risks seem especially appealing to you at this time.

The work week begins with creative brainstorming conversations about productivity as messenger Mercury harmonizes with dreamy Neptune.