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To try…. All my works are part of a continuing story, a personal reflection on modern life. Inspiration comes from daily life, mass media and from the sampler tradition. I include anything that moves, amazes or intrigues me.

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This results in a subtle comment on our modern society. Purchasing shopping seems to be the most popular leisure activity,…. The photography series Love story. Strip Search looks at the fundamental human need for oneness and establishing the love relationship. In particular, I focus on the need of physical sensation as love aspect as well as discomfort and suffering…. Cotton, linen, computerised embroidery Bernina, Application: Designer 6.

Embroidery is a tedious and repetitive activity and as such, has a hypnotic, anaesthetic capacity, surprisingly indispensable to modern life. Silk, cotton, hand embroidery on swadding cloth, video. My grand-mother, Sarah Maximovsky, known as Sonya, received her identification card upon arrival to Israel in In my work I choose to mix races and skin colours and all the cultural associations that come with this.

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I seek to bring more ambiguity and difference to how we view our bodies and therefore how we view the experience of being human. For me, celebrating difference unites us together.

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Deep human pre-occupations of love, beauty, wealth and recognition are universal. Though skins may be different and I seek to detail and celebrate this difference ultimately it is to prove the similarity of human….

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Astrology has been around since antiquity and remains ever more popular today. Almost every publication found on the magazine stands today will almost certainly have a horoscope section. Eastern, Druid, Greek, Avesta, flower; all kinds of horoscopes are attempting to draw our personal portrait. What makes me raise a question here is, if our date of birth is really a true reflection of our personality, as some authors of horoscope columns would like us believe. When you weave on a tapestry for more than four years, many things might happen, not only in the world which rushes past with increasing speed and global complexity, nor only in the close environment, where birth and death as ever go hand in hand with one another, but especially within yourself, because throughout the many hours of almost meditative work you take stock of yourself and contemplate your….

They looked like two of a pair: same make, same leather, similar degree of wear and tear, but the left shoe was remarkably bigger than the right one. The shoes moved me. They had obviously been worn extensively and repaired and repaired, with tears and cracks in the leather and tiny nails hammered in their soles. Sound and video installation, walldrawing and works collage, ink, thread on paper. The thematic and formal inspiration for the works in the installation Speicher is VariaVision—Unendliche Fahrt, a lost intermedia work on the subject of travel realized in by Alexander Kluge texts , Edgar Reitz films , and Josef Anton Riedl music.

A spatial installation with simultaneous screening and replay of films, multichannel music, and voice recordings, VariaVision offered new ways of perceiving music, film, and text. The ancient Chinese legend of the red thread tells that when children are born, invisible red threads connect them to the ones whom they are fated to be with.

Over the years of their lives they come closer and eventually find each other, overcoming the distance between, and cultural and social divides.

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Red Thread Legend Series is a group of installations inspired by this tale. Lure is the first project of the series. The installation Lure makes use of thousands of hand spiralled coils of red thread suspended from…. Textile, sculpture, texts, photography, video. Exiled to the back of the wardrobe, it caught my eye while I was putting in order an amount of old clothing. It was summer.

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