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Designed and written by astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan, our reports was designed to give you a fully immersive experience of astrology and of your own personal horoscope. We believe that astrology should be presented in an easily accessible way. Approx 30 pages View Sample Buy Now. Approx 32 pages View Sample Buy Now.

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Approx 20 pages View Sample Buy Now. Horoscope Interpreter from World of Wisdom was written and designed by Adrian Duncan and was one of the View Details. One of the challenges in writing and designing an Astrology Calendar program is the fact that the days There is no astrology software on the market, which interprets compatibility charts for lovers as accurately Scorpio : Daily Horoscope.

Today Oct 9, See video. Go beyond sun signs and get your free personal horoscope astropage, Absolutely free!

Scorpio September 2019 Forecast : New Friends Excite and Lead You Astray Into a New World of Fun

Click here to sign up. Your partner points out you are gaining weight, and you agree. So you…. Go to dance classes. Start running and end up training for a marathon. Start yoga classes but cannot get yourself to attend all the lessons.

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Click here to answer another question. Weekly Oct 7 - Oct 13, It began two and a half millennia ago, in the year B. A being was born on that special day, making May 19 almost like what Christmas Day is for Christians. Two Masters left behind a legacy that has lasted thousands of years. Because their teachings never age.

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Christ said: Love everyone and keep your heart open at all costs. Buddha taught us how to turn off the mind and find peace; he taught non-attachment. Funny enough, we celebrate Christ during an Earth sign solar cycle—during Capricorn.

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Do you know the story of Siddhartha Buddha? He was painfully distressed upon realizing the real world was full of injustice and violence. He spent long periods of time in meditation seeking answers and peace, and that he did! Buddha is our example of a hard-working Taurus — he worked not for money and status, but for peace and love.

He found meditation as the most solid path to getting there.

What's written in the stars this month…

The four planets in Taurus right now are offering us an easier access to stillness, calm, and quiet joy. Smell the flowers, slow down, and honor the moment. But we need a practice.

You nurture your faith. You cultivate it with Taurean energy. Think Buddha during this full moon and plant the seeds for your enlightenment. Time is always waiting for you to be willing to do the work. Now is the time to seek the sincere longing for peace, quiet, and spiritual joy. What is your practice: Yoga? Meditation comes in so many forms. This full moon is a time to ask for what you need. The sky is the limit! Sending you love.