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The 8 Moon Phases & How They Affect Your Body And Mind

They do, however, have a problem with being a little too preachy toward others, forgetting that conversation is supposed to be a give-and-take. A challenge for you to overcome in life is to respect the path of others, to learn boundaries, and on a more specific level, when to talk and when to listen. Your relationships will benefit when you humble yourself.

Last quarter moon children are born with a sense of nostalgia.

They hold on to the past out of love, because every memory, relationship, and experience they have makes a lasting impression on them. They have a quality about them that stays the same throughout their lives, no matter their age. They are the living representation of the phrase, "The more things change, the more they stay the same.

They have an ability to connect to the deeper meaning of any experience, since nothing is ever lost on them, but this can keep them trapped in the past, preventing them from growing and changing or simply enjoying the present moment. They could come off as slightly rude because of a capacity to stay lost in their own minds. They must learn to love the present moment the same way they give attention to past experiences, and to let go of old grudges.

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The Harvest Moon, the name of the first full moon in September, is the time when farmers traditionally harvest their crops. Just as they reap the benefits of their seeds, you should be reaping the benefits of your intentions set during the new moon. You will see these benefits in the form of new opportunities or even as results from the hard work done the previous week.

Lunar Phases in Natal Chart

Scientifically : After a full moon, the moon starts becoming less illuminated again, waning toward the last quarter moon, then finally, another new moon. Spiritually : The themes surrounding this moon are gratitude, sharing, and enthusiasm. You should be feeling the benefits of your hard work for the last two weeks.

Your metaphorical crops are in abundance and you should be seeing some albeit small outcome from your previously set goals and intentions.

Now's the time you'll be feeling full of love. You'll want to give back to those around you — maybe you treat your spouse to dinner or buy your best friend a gift because you saw something and thought of them.

Giving back is a big theme during this time. Scientifically: The last quarter moon is the reverse process of the first quarter, making its way back to another new moon. After a full moon, the moon wanes — becomes smaller — into another gibbous moon, and then into the last quarter. Spiritually : The themes surrounding this moon are release, letting go, and forgiveness. Like the moon gradually decreasing in size, you have to be ready to let go of stuff. It's under this moon that you will let go of all grudges and release all anger.

1. New Moon (Beginning Again)

You must purge yourself to be able to receive the new intentions you will set again during the next new moon. A great practice during this moon is a cleanse. Clean out your apartment, your closet, your friendships. Look at anything that's no longer serving you and get rid of it. To shed this unnecessary emotional weight, try participating in a class or any type of physical activity. Scientifically : The fraction of the moon that is illuminated is decreasing on its way to becoming a new moon. Spiritually : Surrender, rest, recuperate. You may feel empty during this time. You are now getting ready to prepare for a new cycle and there is nothing wrong with resetting intentions — however, not during this moon.

Right now just relax and surrender to the universe.

Lunar Phases in Natal Chart

Some things will always be out of your control and fate must take its course. Moonsplaining is a content package dedicated to the power of feminine spirituality. Instead of blaming the universe for your problems, learn how to harness its ebbs and flows for your own good. Skip to main content Browse. Close menu.

What the Phases of the Moon Are

Born under the Waxing Crescent Moon Phase? What are the personality classifications other than the waxing crescent moon phase? The Western Zodiac The western zodiac is based on the movement of the stars and specific constellations across the sky. Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. The Chinese Zodiac Just like there are 12 signs to the western zodiac, there are twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

The lunar personalities, like the waxing crescent moon phase The lunar personality traits are based on the 8 phases of the moon, and are applied to whichever one you were born under. Want to celebrate your waxing crescent moon phase personality? Follow Us facebook twitter pintereset instagram. Newsletter form.

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