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This can be one of the happiest years of your life! Friends will be important to you this year -- they'll support you, and you'll help them in return. In , you build, maintain and consolidate all your relationships. The 3 symbolizes expression, it encourages exchanges and movement. It is an excellent relational and social potential: you will be more comfortable in public, more eloquent, and therefore more convincing. Sociability is developing, everyone will find a world of multiple opportunities for diverse and varied meetings.

For some, it will be a real challenge to adapt to what must be called a certain agitation.

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With this somewhat cerebral atmosphere, imagination is power and new communication strategies can be used, both personally and in national or global politics. The 3 also symbolizes exchanges and this sector has every chance to diversify and multiply in But some secrets will undoubtedly be unveiled, at the risk of provoking scandals and rumours. The media will be effervescent and our social networks will be excited. It's a very creative and dynamic year that could offer us great surprises in literature, theatre, and cinema This agitation is, therefore, a carrier of novelties and many discoveries but it induces a little instability.

To take advantage of this climate without suffering, avoid spreading yourself in all directions, use the analytical mind that you have, and do not show yourself as too careless Always stay constructive in your interventions. When it comes to matters of the heart, as a couple, it's time to start or restore the dialogue. Communication is a pillar of our love lives and is perfect for exchanging ideas, expressing your feelings and listening to your partner. Do not miss the opportunities to go out or travel together: a deep complicity will be established. Single, you must leave your comfort zone and discover other countries, contemporary art movements, or the latest fashionable restaurant.

It does not matter: you have to go out, show yourself sociable and re-read your conversation manual. Meetings are privileged, it's up to you to keep a cool head so as not to scatter yourself in too many simultaneous conquests! Those Born on 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 dates in any month. Birth Number 2, 7 Those Born on 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25, 29 dates in any month will also have tremendous Birth Number 1, 4, 5 Those Born on 1, 4, 5, 10, 13, 14, 19, 22, 23, 28, 31 dates in any month will start booming from the second half of They need to keep more patience..

The ancient mystic and philosopher Pythagoras, father of our modern number system, believed that you can identify the ups and downs of each approaching year by studying the numbers in your birthday. Pythagoras saw that everything in the universe operates in predictable cycles, and the basic units of his measuring system for these cycles were -- and remain -- the digits 1 through 9.

According to Pythagoras, each number has a meaning or vibration. After every nine-year-cycle is complete, a new one begins, bringing the benefits or burdens of the last cycle into the new one. Where are you in that nine-year cycle, and what does that mean for your career in ? Your current personal year is determined by the single digit numbers of your birth month and day, added to the current calendar year and then reduced to a single digit or master number, 11 or In numerology, whenever we encounter a compound number, we reduce it to a single digit by adding the numbers together.

To find out, you would add the day and the month of your birth to the number of the Universal Year. In order to work out what number year you'll be on in you need to start your workings out with itself. Then all you have to do is add up the day and month of your birthday and add those numbers to the 3 from For example if your birthday is 23rd February this is how you work out what year you'll be on in Work out your own year, your partners, friends and colleagues etc.

As with all metaphysical subjects; exciting as it may sound that someone else can tell you your future, you do still have free will. What follows is a keyword for each of the 9 years that people will find themselves on, plus a list of Do's and Don'ts to consider. Everyone has come back to this earth plane in order to learn the lessons that we didn't learn the last time we were here. And learn those lessons we will, but it's always easier to swim upriver than against it.

That is what the Do's and Don'ts are all about; basically, how to make the journey easier. DON'T: Give up too easily. Enter into any business partnerships.

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Be moody or hang onto the past. An inability to begin a new venture this year may delay your prospects until the start of the next nine year cycle. Any opportunity which comes your way, take advantage of it without hesitation. Now is the time to ACT. Hard work may be necessary to get things moving. Independence is paramount. If a situation has been of concern, this is the time to break free or make any necessary adjustments. Any change of direction made this year will probably be due to your own efforts.

Important year of significant changes. Difficulties and problems that have existed for many years will vanish. One develops a new outlook.

One hones down to the essentials and shines bright like a sun. One will feel lucky, special and receives help from people, especially people in authority and the government. One feels more healthy, robust and progressive about all ones involvement's. There will be easier success in business if one gets focused, organised and plans ahead as it is a cycle of new beginnings, so sowing seeds. One will meet interesting people that provide impetus for new directions. One will be less fearful, anxious or insecure. One will work hard however experience less stress.

One will achieve name and fame, especially in competitions. This is also an excellent cycle for buying something new, starting a new venture or investment scheme. This year is an important new beginning for you! Launch your own business, get a new job or title, start a graduate program or move to a new location.

Everything you do this year will influence the events of your life for the next nine years. This is also a year of intense self-focus, personal development and cultivation of talents. You are like the Sun, a self-sustaining center of your universe. Everything evolves around you and is dependent upon you.

Have courage to make important decisions and move forward bravely -- like a pioneer. At times you may feel alone, but this year demands that you work mostly alone. Avoid starting trivial relationships now, because they will linger with you for the rest of your nine-year cycle. DO: Be co-operative.

Save money. Be patient and follow through with whatever you started last year. The influence this year is one of co-operation. A time to wait for any plans or goals made last year to begin to mature. Take care of details when necessary. This is a good time to enter into a relationship or partnership.

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Your Personal Year Number - Numerology Meaning

Clarity may come forth if you are currently in a relationship, you will realise why you are in this relationship. Look at both sides of the coin in your relationships, particularly those concerning women. Try not to let nervous tension provoke any disharmony. This cycle will bring an increase in personal happiness and richer magnetism, feeling attractive to others. As well as new friends who will be helpful in the future. Overall there will be less worry and stress, yet deeper emotionality superseded by more practicality.

One will experience profound changes in the way one thinks and perceives. The most important factor will be to observe the necessity of worrying and hurrying less and thereby becoming more conscious of each moment. This is the year for cooperating with others to develop the vision you started last year. Collect and assimilate data, and organize details. Your success hinges on working with -- and cooperating with -- others.

Be receptive. Soften the forceful energy you thrived on last year. You might feel highly sensitive this year and develop warm friendships Things begun in a 1 Year grow slowly during a 2 Year. This is a time to be receptive. The accent is on partnerships and on give and take in close relationships.

Numerology : the number 3 personality (if you're born on the 3, 12, 21, or 30)

In this highly charged year of personal illumination, your intellect is capable of achieving its greatest capacity -- as well as intense psychic perception and artistic creation. Inspiration and revelation are yours! The spiritual, psychic and artistic realms are your focus, and meditation or prayer will enhance all your gifts. Refine your tastes, collect art, and associate with creative people. This is not your best year for commercial success, but rather for inner evolution of your spiritual, intuitive and artistic gifts. An 11 Year accents ideals, dreams, and inspirations. It is not a time for practical affairs.

Always read the fine print on contracts. Some will be sensitive to music, poetry, and art, while others will express their sensitivity as a 2, which means consideration for others. Avoid escapism, fast cars, and drugs. DON'T: Make substantial changes. Start anything new. This is the main path you will walk in this lifetime. Hello Ndasi, this is numerology, not astrology. I hope you find it helpful. You are in the 4 Year in Thus making the total My email is mentioned with my query. Regarding personal consultations, please see my Personal Profiles page for details.

I have been watching this and noticed you just copy over the same year prediction to next year.

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That is correct, Girish. That is how numerology works — in cycles that repeat in your life every 9 years. The nature of the cycle does not change. The 1 Year is always a 1 Year. The 2 Year is always a 2 Year, etc.

Your Numerology Guide to 12222

However, each of these yearly vibrations, and what they have to teach, feels different the next time around because it is occurring in a different cycle of time — and in the course of those 9 years, you have learned new things, and your life has changed. Numerology is cyclical energy — as is life. These are not predictions, they are descriptions. This is why I named my website, and my set of 9 Year-Books, Creative Numerology: your journey through the cycles of time. I also write in-depth articles in which I try to explain how the numeric current is affecting the world as we move away from the great cycle of the masculine s into the feminine s.

This work runs deep, and I do hope you enjoy it. How is it possible to achieve a Master Number of 33 or 44 as your subtotal with the calculation you describe? The month is at most 12, and the day and year are each reduced to a single digit. What am I missing? You are quite right and I have removed 33 and Thank you for pointing it out! Hello Usman. I go into great detail about all the master numbers in my personal readings. Meanwhile, there is a LOT of free information here on this website, much of which is based on the master energies since every number from 1 to 9 has master potential.

How to calculate, find and read the numbers in a lifetime? Numerology is an art of divination that allows you to know, through their name and surname in full and through his own date of birth, as temperamentally we are, how we act and what our real goals in life. With numerology we can make the predictions about our destiny, our future in relation to a year, month and day definite, free and online. Future numerology predictions with our name, surname, date of birth free online.