Vedic astrology debunked

Just because lots of people practice a tradition, like astrology, says nothing of its viability. Simply because many people may believe something says nothing about the fact of that something. For example, many people during the Black plague believed that demons caused disease. The number of believers said nothing at all about the actual cause of disease. Most importantly, none of the detailed statistical studies that have looked at astrology have found any merit in it. For example, a psychologist from Michigan State University, Bernard Silverman, looked at 2, married couples and couples who divorced.

Geoffrey Dean and Ivan W. A large-scale test of time twins involving more than one hundred cognitive, behavioural, physical and other variables found no hint of support for the claims of astrology. Consequently, if astrologers could perform better than chance, this might support their claim that reading specifics from birth charts depends on psychic ability and a transcendent reality related to consciousness.

But tests incomparably more powerful than those available to the ancients have failed to find effect sizes beyond those due to non-astrological factors such as statistical artifacts and inferential biases. It should be easy enough for anyone to debunk horoscopes or astrology. All you need to do is take a sample horoscope for the same sign on the same day across various networks.

If horoscopes are legit, then all five horoscopes should be in line with each other — giving the same type of advice to their followers. Keep in mind, this horoscope applies to roughly million people across the planet taking a quick estimation of the number of people that are Taurus on Earth. Horoscope 1: From www. A powerful force is moving through your life and trying to shake things up.

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The more you resist the opposition, the more stubborn and unwieldy the situation becomes. Make sure you have a good hold on your emotions before you leave the house. Horoscope 2: From www. This is not a good time to be reckless with your money, or your reputation. These nudging or very slight improvements might not be much to celebrate, but they will indicate further improvements to come! Horoscope 4: From www. This could affect inheritances, shared property, insurance matters, or anything you hold jointly with others.

Nobody likes surprises like that. Horoscope 5: From www. Get together with friends or relatives. Calm down and take a step back. Follow Up: I deliberately paid close attention to each of my 5 horoscopes for December 20th, and nothing came true. I focused on my domestic scene — no issues. I stayed on top of my bank accounts — no issues.

Vedic Astrology: Busting the Myth

Horoscopes and astrology are for fun, period. The Psychology of the Psychic 2 ed. Amherst, New York: Prometheus Books. ISBN Psychological Reports Missoula 57 1 : — ISSN OCLC Relatively Interesting promotes science, reason, critical thinking, and the magic of reality.

We point the skeptical eye at pseudoscience, quackery, religion, and the paranormal. Nothing is off limits, and everything is up for discussion. We also curate and share the many amazing things that exist in the natural world, the feats and accomplishments that humanity has achieved, and the incredible discoveries our universe has to offer. Subjects include but are not limited to! Search for:. The analysis presented to the students was as follows: You have a great need for other people to like and admire you.

Phil Plait a veritable astronomer, not astrologer summarizes his scientific opinions as follows: There is no force, known or unknown, that could possibly affect us here on Earth the way astrologers claim. Known forces weaken too fast, letting one source utterly dominate the Moon for gravity, the Sun for electromagnetism. Astrology is neither. One may be tempted to blame its mystical origins to categorize it as a pseudoscience, but the origin is irrelevant. The fact is that astrological predictions are not testable.

They are usually general enough to fit a variety of expectations. Paul Thagard wrote an excellent piece in , thoroughly describing why astrology is a pseudoscience. Further, in one of the more frequently cited study conducted in , Shawn Carlson convincingly showed that the astrological evidence did not pass double-blind test — the hallmark of scientific method — and therefore is not scientifically valid.

Noted astronomer, Andrew Fraknoi published an article pdf in in which he posed 10 embarrassing questions , or in other more polite words, 10 obvious holes in the theory of astrology. My personal favorite — why is the time and place of birth more important than the time and place of conception? After scouring through some astrology blogs and forums, I got the sense that the journal Correlation , published by The Astrological Association AA is supposedly a respectable source of astrology research and is touted as a peer-reviewed journal.

6 Astrology Myths To Stop Believing

Nowhere on the website of Correlation , does it say that it is a peer-reviewed journal. Google seems to agree. Furthermore, the website itself does not appear to have been maintained professionally. Similarly another journal by AA, called Culture and Cosmos lists an issue from as its current issue. I tend to side with the former. Astrology cannot be tested and astrologers do not want it tested. Therefore the question of peer-review is moot. Ultimately, most of the astrological research is published on various blogs or astrology websites. International Astrologer is one journal which is rather professionally maintained.

However, it took me a while to find its contents because there appears to be no direct link on the website.

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A search for the citation record of this journal on Google Scholar, where even the most obscure journals are often indexed, brought up only one article about how the aforementioned Shawn Carlson double-blind experiment actually supports astrology. So it appears that the academic community in general does not care much about this research.

While I agree that horoscopes are harmless, astrology is not limited to horoscopes. Astrologers often prey on innocent people who are in a vulnerable state of mind due to personal or professional reasons. Clearly, not all astrologers are bad people, but when you are selling an invisible product you can change it as you wish to make the maximum profit.

Financial scams by astrologers are nothing new. Recently, a country-wide alert in Canada was issued, warning people of fraudulent astrologers. I grew up in India, where many people live by the local flavor of astrology. There are people who do not travel without consulting their astrologer.

Debunking Astrology: Mars Can’t Influence You

A lot of people do all of the above. Astrologers are more common in India than most people might think, and pretty much each one of them claims to be world famous I have my doubts though , and yet not one of them has ever been able to predict a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

As Jayant Narlikar has noted , compared to the West, astrology faces very little resistance and criticism in India primarily because in some sense, it is almost a way of life. High rates of poverty and illiteracy contribute to the lack of critical thinking.

People often pay exorbitant sums of money to astrologers, even when they cannot afford it, to conduct rituals which will fix the problem caused by funky alignment of planets. Swindling and fraud aside, astrology has also crept into health and medicine. There is actually something known as medical astrology. It is a bit hard to gauge success of the field and obtain data on the benefits of medical astrology because no mainstream peer-reviewed journal publishes on the topic.

Needless to say, this can be potentially very dangerous because people who are sick should seek medical attention and not waste their time and money on unqualified frauds. In India, for example, it is almost impossible to be out and not see advertisements from local astrologers promising to cure pretty much any and every ailment you may have, with a weirdly special focus on sexual problems.

Advertisements such as this are very common in India. In the West, medical astrology is presented in a more sophisticated manner but is equally ineffective. Pat Harris is a fertility astrologer and the editor of the aforementioned poorly managed Correlation journal, and apparently only member of the editorial board. She claims her research has shown that astrology can help women manage psychological stress and pain during fertility treatment.

Infertility does take significant psychological toll on couples, especially women. It is a real problem which deserves real solutions and legitimate research is being done to address it. In spite of Ms. A article she published in srm-ejournal the website of this journal srm-ejournal. It is important to note that only 1 study has been done to correlate astrology with fertility, so it is not possible yet to confirm a true level of significance. Perhaps which is why, following key fact has been highlighted:.

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It is important that the patient understands that astrological indicators do not guarantee success. In another article published by Ms. Harris in The Mountain Astrologer , a leading astrology magazine which does not claim to be peer-reviewed , Ms.

Debunking Astrology - The Planets Just Aren't That Into You

Harris details on how astrological counseling can be an antidote to depression. In this article, she cites herself 3 times , Ptolmey once and William Lilly twice, using two separate entries. The actual peer-reviewed articles which have been cited have nothing to do with astrology. She also cites some text which would normally mentioned as a footnote in academic papers. Overall, this article reeks of bad science which should not be taken as medical advice.